2015 San Antonio Winery Lunch Picture Gallery

On April 12, 2015 Lamborghini Club America's Los Angeles Region set up a lunch event at San Antonio Winery near downtown L.A.   San Antonio Winery is the oldest and only remaining fully operational winery in Los Angeles.   It was a typical warm and sunny Southern California day with highs in the mid 70's. The perfect weather for Lamborghini cruising and the bulls came out. 

Upon arrival at the winery, we were directed into our own parking area in the winery's main lot.  A security guard was on hand to watch the cars while we were inside.  After spending some time in the lot saying hello to old and new friends we ventured inside.  Some members went right for the wine tasting while others had lunch. 

The size of the winery and number of different wines produced was quite impressive.  Our tour guide told us that Los Angeles was where the wine industry started in California, not Napa as some believe.  Everyone at the winery was great and we had a very nice day.


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