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Issue # & Feature Articles

57  History of the ZN75, pictures of the new factory museum, renderings by Murcielago designer, Volkswagen’s Autostadt complex in Germany has a building featuring Lamborghini, Meet at the Pasadena  Art Center College of  Design, 2002 Santa Barbara Meet, L.A. Lunch Bunch, Lamborghini model making, Lamborghini wines. (80 pages)

56  MATADOR’S CHRONICLE newsletter:  Mad Max Espada –James DiIorio’s incredible Espada with a 4-valve Countach engine, the Diablo’s development – Chrysler and Gandini – a merging of styles, Diablo Clutch Replacement, an interview with Lamborghini Sales Manager Bernd Heiden about the future of Lamborghini, Life with the Murcielago – new owner’s impressions, 2001 Washington, DC All Italian Car Tour & Concours, living with an 89 Anniversary Countach. (32 pages)  

55   MATADOR’S CHRONICLE newsletter:  An interview with Lamborghini CEO Giuseppo Grecco, Al Burtoni’s Diablo Jota, more Factory Murcielago Unveiling, 2001 Pocono Concours & Track Event. (14 pages)

54   2001 Monterey National Meet – Countach Reunion, 2000 and 2001 San Diego Meets, 2000 Las Vegas Meet, 2001 Car Guy Tour to Italy, Murcielago Unveiling at the Factory, the Fox’s trip to Italy, an Espada camshaft story, member David Walters’ fabulous barn/garage.  (52 pages)

53     MATADOR’S CHRONICLE newsletter:  Visiting the Lamborghini factory and test driver Valentino Balboni in Italy; driving a Countach while wearing Night Vision glasses;  the Walter Wolf Experience; Concorso Italiano, Miura Reunion and Monterey National Meet 2000; Diablo GT-R Lambo on the Track. (18 pages)

52    Bob Wallace on the early years at Lamborghini; Concorso Italiano and Monterey National Meet 1999;  San Diego Meet 1999,  20th  Annual Napa Wine Weekend Meet; interview with Automobili Lamborghini President Giuseppe Greco; Lamborghini Club Presidents’ meeting in Munich, Germany. (58 pages)                                                                

51    Rebuilding an Espada II Engine (technical detail) by Laust Pedersen, San Diego Meet, Members’ Trip to the Factory by Jack Riddell, How the Miura, Islero and Jarama Got  Their       Names, 19th National Monterey Meet and the Running of the Bulls, Death Valley Run/Meet, The Introducing the 2000 Diablo GT, the issue cover is a beautiful orange Diablo GT. (56 pages)

50    MATADOR’S CHRONICLE newsletter: Interview with Valentino Balboni – What it is like to be a Lamborghini Test Drive;  Lambo V12 throttle hesitation cured; John McCann on      Lambo Days in Dijon, France, the Targa Florio road race and on to Sant’ Agata in a Diablo.(22 pages)

49   Feature story on Valentino Balboni – Lamborghini’s most experienced test driver;  The Phoenix Connection:  problems with reformatted gas, Vittorio di Capua – Managing Director of Automobili Lamborghini; Lamborghini SV-R racing program; Al Burtoni on meeting Gian Paolo Dallara and Andra Zagato; Member Profile – John McCann.

48  Lamborghini Club America events in 1995/96: San Diego, San Francisco, Monterey and the San Francisco Bay Area; The Car as Art; World Lamborghini News for ’96; Problems with Differentials; First Drive – Diablo Roadster; Collectable Classic – The Espada; The Jalpa P-350.

47  Tonino Lamborghini’s new museum – Ferruccio Lamborghini Centre of Studies and Research; Ferruccio Lamborghini and his Creations; Jota Race Kit – not street legal; The Phoenix Connection: more on what to look for, mechanically, when considering buying various models of Lambo; Engine Management System for the Lambo V12 (Espada).

46 The Ongoing Saga of the P-L-140, Lamborghini P140 Gets a Second Chance; The Phoenix Connection - tips on storing cars, what specifically to look for, mechanically, when looking at an older Lamborghini to buy: Monterey Weekend 1994

45 LAMBO DAY 3 - 30th Anniversary at the Factory, Lamborghini production by model - estimated number produced and still in existence with analysis by Trefor Thomas, tec. tips from The Phoenix Connection - Jeff LeBlond, comments From The Factory on the VT, Koenig's Diablo Speedster, Magazine cover is the 30th Anniversary Poster.

44 Lamborghini Factory Issued Sales Literature - complete list & description, Diablo VT - A Road Test, Monterey - Laguna Seca Meet 1993, Nuts & Bolts on Urraco problems & solutions, Formula One Technology, The Chrysler Dome for Design, A test drive by Luca Ciferri of the Diablo SE, a Tec I engine management system for the Espada

43 The Countach Airplane, The Ultimate Garage Party (a gathering at Jay Leno's), the Cizeta, The Cheetah to the LM002, Monterey '92, the 16th Annual Santa Barbara Concours d' Elegance, Lamborghini Club U.K. Newsletter, Phoenix Connection on carburetion and the problems

42 The Chrysler Technology Center, The Diablo Speedster, Supercar Simpatico, What's Involved in Selling a Car at Auction, A Review of Lamborghini Models & Accessories, Lamborghini 3500GTZ, Design & The Supercar, The Phoenix Connection - Engine Coatings

41 Lamborghini Valve Problems, Countach Modifications, Ferruccio at 75, Lamborghini Factory Improvements 1990

40 TEC Info: Relays/Fuses Part 2 & Car Storage Problems, Lamborghini Transmissions & Clutches, Lambo 350 G.T. Review, The History of Lamborghini

39 TEC Info: Part I Relays/Fuses, 350 G T V The 1st Lamborghini, The History of the Carabo, Nuts & Bolts - Problems with The Urraco, Complete Listing of All Lamborghini Products

38 History of the Jota, A Visit to Lamborghini Engineering, Nuts & Bolts - Problems With Window, Headlight, Gears, Cam Belts & Working With the Urraco, The Synchromesh/Transmissions Problems, The Jarama A Review, The Background of the Lambo V-12

37 A Review of the So Called Low Mileage Cars, Headlight Motors - A Review, Countach Problems Defined, Review of the LP 400 and the SS0GT, How the Diablo was Designed

36* The Fuel System on your Lamborghini, 5 Speed Transmission Details, Hoses & Hose Fittings, Radiators, and Shocks, Breakdown on the Problems of the P400 Miura, Luigi Colani - A Taste for Provocation

35* The Urraco P.300 - A History, Cizeta vs. Ferrari vs Porche vs The Countach, Winterizing your Lamborghini, The 1968 Islero, A History of the Lamborghini 25th Anniversary Bash, Thoughts on Lamborghinis From a Proud Espada Owner, Nuts & Bolts - Heating Problems, Tires & Wheels and The Lamborghini, A Review of The Silhouette, A Review of The Jalpa

34 TEC Tips on The 86-89 USA 4 Valve, What You Should Know Before Buying A Used Lambo, Battery/Ignition Problems on Exotic Cars, The Miura vs The Daytona, Marcello Gandini - Car Designed

33 The 25th Anniversary Party at S. Agata - Salsomggiore - Monza,Chasing the Illusion of the Jota, Miura SV with a Chevy Engine, Review of the 25th Anniversary Countach

32 *An interview with Bob Wallace, How to Keep Your Countach in Good Working Order, Muira Problems & Their Solutions - by Cris Holl, 25 years of Lamborghini - a History from a Different View, The New Diablo - the Original Gandini Version, Pictures from the May 1988 visit to the Factory including the famous junk yard

31* An Introduction to Lamborghini/Chrysler - by Tony Richards(director of Lamborghini and Maserati programs), A Report on Poor Lamborghini Service - by the Phoenix Connection, an interview with Valentino Balboni (Lamborghini factory test driver) - by Dawn Michele, the Evoluzione Countach, Firing Order of the Muira, Urraco, Countach, Espada & Jarama with valve tuning & ignition timing, Countach Rip-offs, the Portofino Lamborghini, Lamborghini Jota - "the Story", Italian Etiquette, a Visit to the Factory OUT OF PRINT, SEE ABOVE.

30 The Great Junk Yard of Lamborghini Prototypes at the Factory, Cross References of Lambo Parts with other Manufacturers, Countach Problems Defined, Comparison of the Espada - 365 GT-4 - Maserati Indy and Iso Lele                                                   

29  Lamborghini at a fork in the road. Lamborghini factory issued sales literature, Cross part references - by Cris Holl, Urraco/Jalpa notes by the L.A. Connection, Jalpa reviews, Lamborghini Boxer bikes.                                                                           

28   A visit to the Factory 1986 - by Al Romvari, Refitting a Miura engine by Ken Browning. A story on the Sant' Agata Works -by Mel Nichols, Ferruccio Lamborghini - an interview from the European magazine - "Interview". OUT OF PRINT, SEE .ABOVE.                                                                                                                                                                

27  The Countach QVX Unipart race car, The current and future use of electronics on automobiles, Part II by Trefor Thomas, The Lambo Miura by  Thos. Bryant, The 0" fitting of a stereo system in a Countach, Don't call him Enzo - the Story of  Lamborghini by Giancarlo Perine.                                                                                                                        

26  Countach Plus - refitting the Countach to run at 200 MPH, Supercar showdown, A look at Pirelli's P700 tires, The current and future use of electronics on automobiles, Part I, by Trefor Thomas, Working on Lambo electronics  - by the Phoenix Connection

25 Lamborghini turns 21. Driving impressions - the Quattrovalvole, the Jalpa - practical fun & Italian mystique. Who is Walter Wolf??  Wheel Maintenance - by the Phoenix Connection                                                                

24  The new Lamborghini 4 valve Countach. A trip to the Lamborghini Cantina, Gran Turismo Communists, Bertone Bravo, The Canadian Connection - "The Right Stuff": a review of literature, pins, patches, books & misc. Solving the ongoing problem of clutch & brakes by the Phoenix Connection.                                                                                              

2   23   War of the worlds - stock car driver Neil Bonnett drives the first US legal Countach. A day  with Roy Query photographing Lamborghini in America by the Canadian Connection.  A pictorial - L   Lamborghini in America. The Dark Side of the Grey Market by Trefor Thomas.                                                                                                      

2   22  Lambo's Boy Wonder - Patrick Mimran.  Tech notes - gasoline octane ratings & high performance engines, Lamborghini By Lamborghini.  The Grey Market.  Heating and your radiator - by t    The Phoenix Connection (Jeff LeBlond) , Club Meets in review - 1984.

2   21 The story of the P538 - by Ken Browning.  Bertone – Turin’s Oldest Design Firm, Cannonball - 1 lap of  America.  Lamborghini switches - Cars to Wine.


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