Photos from the January 24-26th 1998 Weekend in Death Valley

Thanks James & Lou For A Fabulous Event!

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Furnace Creek Inn Lambo Parking Only Please Roof Top View From The Inn
Scotty's Castle The Early Bird Lambo At Scotty's Courtyard View Towards The Watch Tower
Courtyard & Maine Entrance to Scotty's Humble Abode Jon Check Out The Workers Accommodations John, Lou, Chris & Susan Enjoying The Friday Night Kick-off Party
Fabulous Hors d'oeuvres Jb.jpg (31921 bytes) It's Hard To Get Much Lower Than This!
Beautiful But Don't Drink It. Saturday Night Dinner Party The Latest Lamborghini Ramblings From Our President
Thanks To Our Organizers Happy New Year! Fabulous Sunday Brunch
Lunch at the Ranch View From the Point Laust tries some high altitude flight.
Jack checks out Artist's Canyon Check Out Other Exciting Event Pix Oh Well, The Party's Over

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