The Los Angeles Auto Show January 2005

This year's show is huge with the introduction of 25 new models and plenty of concept / prototype vehicles. Finally the Lamborghini factory has taken their rightful place on the show floor. No disappointing local dealer exhibit this year! The factory went all out with a beautiful staged display featuring the Murciélago Roadster, coup and Gallardo along with a couple of display cases showing the latest accessories available at

Other impressive introductions were by Ford showing their new Mustang convertible to be released later this year and Volvo's 650HP Supercharged 4 door. Volvo then followed that impressive intro with a live concert featuring Los Lobos and Jim Belushi!

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Joel tries on the roadster for size Victoria shows off Lamborghini's offerings Lambo power!
The Legondary Lamborghini V-12 Power Plant
Murciélago Gallardo
The Lamborghini V-10 Murciélago Roadster The new Mustang Convertible Intro
Aston Martin DB9 Car of the Year by The Robb Report Aston Martin's President Receives Car of Year Award
Intro of Volvo 650 HP Supercharged 4 door Jim Belushi Performs at Volvo Intro Lego Volvo
Ferrari 430 Ferrari 430
Maseriti Quatraport Maserati Quatraporte Maserati Spyder
Chevy Prototype GTO Racer
The new 60's Beetle Lexus Concept
BMW's Hydrogen powered vehicle Vision Prototype
Chrysler Concept Mid 12 with 4 Turbo's and 850 HP! Chrysler Concept Mid 12 with 4 Turbo's and 850 HP! Chrysler Concept Mid 12 with 4 Turbo's and 850 HP!


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