2006 National Monterey Meet


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Weekend kickoff lunch at the warf Famous Patio Party Gathering Laust & John
Uno, Akbar, Elyse & Joan Concorso Italiano Concorso Italiano
Concorso Italiano Espada's Concorso Italiano Diablo's Concorso Italiano Diablo's
The Godfather of Lamborghini - Al Burtoni The Godfather Al Burtoni Countach
Muira Roadster Roadster
Countach Coral Gallardo Corral Muira
Remember Luigi's Cafe?
Ferrari's Modena Enzo
Toyota F! Breaks the Track Record! In the Pits Caravan to Dinner
Saturday Nignt Dinner Preferred Parking Saturday Nignt Dinner Preferred Parking Derek & John
Best of Show 400 winner Jim Kicks off the dinner The Pits


Mini Cooper Parade Lap  More Monterey 06 Pictures Mini Racers


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