2007 National Monterey Meet


Unbelievable weather graced this fun filled weekend.  Sunny days from sunrise until sunset and into the evening.  The fog scarce and the cars sparkled in the cool sunlight.  Click on the thumbnail to view the full size image (40-100K each). To simplify navigation the full image will open in a new browser window. Close that window after you are finished viewing the image and choose another. 

An Interview with Jim Heady Patio Party Kicks of the weekend Islero
Gallardo's at Concorso 400 Countach Reunion
countach reunion
The Lamborghini OC Girls Bill's show winning SV
The V-8's More Gallardo's
400GT Countach Reunion John's winning Countach
Racing At the Track At the Track
Valentino makes a speach Chuck & Bob review the latest club publication John & Jack winetasting
Joel & Akbar discuss Politics At the Track At the Track
The Famous ZN 75 one of a kind The Famous ZN 75 one of a kind The Famous ZN 75 one of a kind
Lamborghini Parking Only Diablo's


A unique Daytona Tent Anchor  More Monterey 07 Pictures by Jack Riddell The first Countach Produced


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