2008 National Monterey Meet


Another great National Monterey meet culminating with Lamborghini being the featured marque at the world famous Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance!  Click on the thumbnail to view the full size image (40-100K each). To simplify navigation the full image will open in a new browser window. Close that window after you are finished viewing the image and choose another. 


Thursday Evening Wine Tasting on the Patio

Thursday Evening Wine Tasting

Espadas at Concorso Italiano


Jalpa at Concorso



Roy Katz Racing Diablo SVR

Roy Katz Racing Diablo SVR

Derek tries the SVR out for size

Akbar and his Diablo

Waynes one of a kind Twin Turbo Gallardo Roadster

Waynes Twin Turbo Gallardo Roadster



Murci Roadster




Jorge with his Best of Show win for his 1967 Lamborghini P400

Jay checks out one of the Miura's

John, Valentino & Derek

Jorge wins the coveted Lamborghini Factory award for Best of Show!

Chuck Gerber wins for Espada Class

Valentino talked into making a speach

Roy Katz wins a special award for his Diablo SVR race car

The Diablo calss winners

Another Patio Party!

Another Patio Party!

Another Patio Party!


 Lamborghini at Pebble Beach


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