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Gentlemen and ladies, in planning for the 2005 Monterey Automotive Weekend and Italiano, it has once again become time to plan an alternative something for Saturday. Roland Au and his wife Susie have been planning events for the Ferrari Club for years while Sandi and I have been doing this for the Maserati Club.


Last year Roland, Susie, Sandi and I, with a lot of help, set up our first co-operative effort, a Beach Party, complete with food and music, shared by nearly 100 folks. This year we have decided to again combine our resources and present something different, interesting and fun for Saturday, August 20th.


We are offering a Poker Run covering most of the Monterey Peninsula. Attached is a flyer that we are asking you to pass along to your membership so that they may appreciate the options for the weekend. This is for the Italian Exotics Clubs, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Pantera. Club members with rental cars or their “Other” are welcome to participate.


The event will begin at 9:45am, include a three to four hour leisurely Poker Run through the area, stopping at various establishments and culminating at a buffet luncheon, including margaritas, for only $35.00 ending at 4:30pm. Prizes will be awarded, along with a Bummer Award, which will be given if there is a good sad story. An inconvenience will not qualify.


Roland Au will start the Lamborghini Club from the Mariposa Hotel, Jack Stanghellini will start the Ferrari Club from the Casa Munras, while I am starting the Maseratis from the Holiday Inn Express. Each starter will host a 15 minute drivers meeting prior to the event. The starter and location for the Pantera Club is still pending.


2005 Monterey Weekend

Exotic Car Poker Run

Presented By Roland and Susie Au along with Don and Sandi Treadwell


This will be the first time, that I am aware of, that a Poker Run has been arranged during the Monterey Exotics/Historics Automotive Weekend. And we have done it right!


It consists of 5 stops along an 85+ mile run through some of California’s most scenic vistas, ending at a lunch buffet, including Margaritas for $35.00 per person. You will pick up an envelope, with a playing card in it at each stop, gaining an extra one at the end of the run if you have picked up all five envelopes. Winners will be chosen from those holding the best hand, made-up from their best 5 cards. The run will include the finest value and scenery of the whole weekend (short of the cars of course). You will have three to four hours to complete the run, so is not a race and can be completed at a leisurely pace, allowing you time to enjoy your car, your navigator and the scenery. We will encourage you to spend time at each stop to assure that you fully enjoy the spectacle that is the Monterey Bay, Peninsula and surrounding Carmel area.

Some stops will be points of interests, while others will fulfill potential needs such as fuel or snacks. You will enjoy the California coastline, wildlife, rolling hills, country clubs, vineyards, flowers, along with great friends and food and, oh yeh!!, all those other cars on the run with you. Prizes will be awarded for the best hands and the worst luck (Bummer Award).


This is a multi club event. Exotic Italian Clubs, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Pantera, are being invited to attend. Each club will have it own starting point, therefore, as we receive your application and check, we will notify you of the starting point nearest your club/hotel location. A member of your club will start you off at 10am, Saturday morning, providing maps and stops, along with a description and history of each stop, at the drivers meeting, 9:45am, prior to the start. More information will be provided after the receipt of your application.


Send your checks by August 1st, to “Summerfield Foods” at 335 Shiloh Valley Court, Santa Rosa, Ca. 95403 with the form attached below.



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