2007 Santa Barbara Meet


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Reserved Hotel Parking area Peter Cleaning up his car Reserved Hotel Parking area
Sharon, Joh & Loui at the Friday Dinner Akbar, James, Dr. Leach and friend Peter, Lou , Dianne and friends enjoying the great beach weather.
Friday evening's view The Foxes and Headys Dianne, Ron and friends
Friday night dinner
Akbar and his baby on the pier Saturday Lunch at the Harbor Restaurant
Reserved Pier Parking was a real crowd pleaser Group Photo Op Saturday night parking
Saturday Night Parking Saturday Night Parking Jim Heady holding court
Dr Leach and the Skiles Paul & Dianne on the patio The Spindlers
Friday Sunset Sue & John James & Lou
Joel on the Pier Ken with his bambino Sue, Ken, Joel, John & Akbar on the Peir
Jon & Judy Saturday Lunch on the Pier Saturday Lunch on the Pier


Saturday Lunch on the Pier More Event Pictures Saturday Lunch on the Pier


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