Al Burtoni's V12 Engineering takes great pride in producing high quality durable products for the Racing Industry, Our designs and research take us to the leading edge of technology. Projects at V12 Engineering have involved fuel injection systems for exotic imports, pistons and rings designed for better oil control and increased power, light weight valve train components, valves, cams engine bearings, ignition systems, catalytic converters, mufflers and clutches. Most all racers know that to be number 1, one must have the best driver, crew and race car.

The "driver" at V12 Engineering is Al Burtoni. He has been involved in the high performance industry for over 40 years. 26 years of this experience has been with muli-cam, 12 cylinder all aluminum engines. Al Burtoni currently holds a land speed record of 201.79 mph set at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1990 in his 12 cylinder Lamborghini Countach.

The 'crew' at V12 Engineering is comprised of a Professional Engine Builder and Tuner, Dyno Operator, Fabricator and Welder, Machinist and an in-house Mechanical Engineer. The "car" at V12 Engineering is the on-site facilities. These Facilities include a complete machine shop, fabrication shop, computerized engine dyno testing area with flow bench and the latest engine and chassis development and design computer software.

Together with Al the "crew" works as a close family to produce the finest products. We are committed to finding Hp and durability in all of our projects to make you the winner. From concept to prototype or modification for optimization, the family at V12 Engineering can make your ideas reality or your problems cease!


* Custom Engineered Engine Components by Application

Development of racing components by application allows for the necessary optimization to ensure durability, quality and increased performance.

* Computerized Engines and Components Development

The latest in computer design and development is used to match proper components together optimize new designs for durability, drivability and producibility.

* Prototyping

Your ideas can become reality from concept to product. Prototypes of custom parts are our specialty. The engineering, fabrication, complete machine shop, and testing facilities ensure top performing prototypes.

*Solid Modeling

Advanced computer aided drafting allows for solid model design in a format easily transferred to CNC equipment or FEA software for evaluation.

* Computerized Engine Dyno Testing

The computerized dyno provides an excellent means of testing and optimizing custom components. All Hp gains are dyno verified!

* Flowbench Testing

Designing and matching ports, valves, camshafts and induction system to operate at the highest potential.

*Tuned ARŪ Racing Headers

These patented racing headers minimize reversion on valve overlap, increase peak hp and torque. Tuned to specific applications.

* Patented Racing Mufflers

These mufflers meet CA noise regulations and flow over 700 CFM. Different applications are available.

* Multi Spark Ignition System

A true multi spark ignition with 3 sparks per power stroke at 8,000 rpm and 1 ms burn time between discharges. Keeps plugs clean and increases combustion efficiency.


* Valves

Custom designed valves for specific applications to optimize the flow efficiency of the port and valve configuration.

* Camshafts

Camshafts custom designed to match the intake and exhaust flow characteristics and specific engine configurations.

* Pistons

Designs using proprietary technology to handle ring flutter, detonation and stability considerations for specific applications.

* Cylinder Sleeves

Proprietary designs and methods to seal combustion chambers and securely locate sleeves in the block.

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