2006 Memorial Day Weekend Cocktail Party

I believe it is safe to say everyone had a great time. Club members Wayne & Sheree Skiles graciously opened their home to nearly 100 invited guests Sunday afternoon. Fabulous food and drinks were served and the weather was perfect. Wayne spent most of the afternoon giving rides and test drives in his new Gallardo Twin Turbo. This is one amazingly fast Lambo. The E-Gear transmission makes for smooth and fast shifts. Those of us luck to drive this Bull were thoroughly impressed. I have a feeling the guy who designed the conversion will be very busy.

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Wayne's Twin Turbo Heading Out!

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Gallardo Twin Turbo Gallardo Twin Turbo

Social Time

Gallardo Roadsters
Gallardo Roadsters Cocktails! Lambo View

Additional Photo's taken by Jack Riddell

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